Turning Your Darkest Days Into Your Divine Destiny

Falling Forward is Joe’s first nationally published work. It is a unique blend of biography, Bible stories, and most of all, inspiration.  In this book, Joe presents a message of hope and second chances that explores the lives of many heroes of the Bible who “fell” in their walk with God, including King David and the apostle Simon Peter. Examine how God restored them and used them for His purposes, despite their failures and shortcomings. Joe goes on to share personal insights, including how God turned his own “darkest days” into his “divine destiny.” This book encourages those struggling with guilt over their past to see that God is not finished with them. Whether or not you consider yourself a Christian, this is a book that gives hope to all and reminds us that there is a God that both loves us and has great plans for us. This book is available on Amazon in both paperback (Buy on Amazon) and Kindle (Buy on Amazon) formats .