My name is Joe Davis. Whether singing, speaking, or writing, the greatest passion of my life is to share the love of Christ with those who do not already know Him and with those who need healing and restoration in their lives.

GraceFull Moments with Joe

Can’t Buy Me Love

A Father’s Day greeting from Joe and a look at our truly Good, Good Father.

New Book from Joe!

This book encourages those struggling with guilt over their past to see that God is not finished with them. Whether or not you consider yourself a Christian, this is a book that gives hope to all and reminds us that there is a God that both loves us and has great plans for us.

Grace & Redemption CD

Bible Readings by Joe!

The all-time best selling book, translated into over 1,500 languages, banned in many countries yet revered by millions – we humbly present The Holy Bible, read by Joe. Joe has completed recording the New Testament in its entirety and is set to finish all Old Testament recordings by the end of 2019. We hope you enjoy!

  • 66 Books
  • 1,189 Chapters
  • 31,101 Verses
  • 783,137 Words
  • 1,260 Promises
  • 1 Incredible God!

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